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At Convergence RFQ we are dedicated to build financial infrastructure on-chain. The Upcoming financial crisis points out a simple fact of a need for transparency. Treasury bonds, the rates that define yield in most financial products have been in a state of constant volatility in 2022 as seen in UK Government liability products like GILTS which where designed to buy and forget for many ultra high net worth funds, which have a track history of stability, and which are the building block for more complex products are redefining risk exposure for many asset managers putting them at risk of liquidating many positions causing liquidate cascades across many asset classes around the globe.

During the 2007 financial crisis it was clear the risk was concentrated in banks, nowadays due to the expansion of the shadow banking system, it is not clear who is exposed. With the recent failures in Cefi crypto with the re-hypothecation of tokens and assets, it reinforces the need for transparency and that’s where convergence RFQ comes in.

Our Mission is to bring liquidity to long tail assets of any form, to bring transparency to portfolio trading without losing alpha, to give the ability for traders to buy and sell block size trades with no legging risk, but most importantly our mission is to democratize access to institutional level liquidity to anyone that needs it.

Join us to build the next generation of machine to machine markets.


  • Lead social media marketing, including hosting twitter spaces and publishing marketing materials with each of our partners.
  • Take point on getting blog posts over the finish line (writing some yourself, but also working with internal teams, e.g. engineering, to get content pieces over the finish line).
  • Research on crypto NFT and DeFi protocols and write about them, ideally create content pieces on how Convergence can add value.
  • A focus on outreach for tokenized platforms and projects across all ecosystems to create targeted content towards them and their respective L1’s
  • Research into market fundamentals and new DeFi primitives, make weekly posts on market conditions and thesis statements with the founders.


  • Experience shipping engaging content like blog posts, tweet threads, newsletters, etc.
  • Experience in analyzing trends and Google Adwords
  • Experience organizing and running twitter spaces, clubhouse, discord group calls
  • Someone with experience creating campaigns for a big brands in a data driven fashion (any fortune 100 brand like ipsy would do)
  • Keen interest in DeFi and NFT
  • Interest and Experience creating User Profiles, persona value matrices.

A team-player who will collaborate with:

  • The product team to form a deep understanding of the roadmap, articulating the vision to the crypto ecosystem
  • The design team to produce visual aids
  • Business development team to understand and ensure company KPIs are met
  • Contributors in the ecosystem to ensure engagement

Salary: To Be Discussed

Full Time, Remote Position